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“Making Music for  Everyone!” Adults courses “The Crotchet Factory offers not only adult instrumental  lessons, but also opportunities for teacher training” Teacher Training

At the Crotchet Factory we offer individual music lessons for all ages and abilities with pupils achieving fantastic exam success:

Piano, Keyboard

Classical and Electric guitar




We also offer GROUP lessons in guitar, keyboard, piano and recorder for children on Saturdays and after school.

Instrumental Tuition

Our friendly, confidence-buiding music training courses are aimed specifically at adults with no formal musical background.  So often in the course of our work in schools, nurseries and through talking to parents we have become aware of a lack of confidence generally in approaching music with children.  School curriculums too are now so heavily laden with core subjects like English, Maths and Science that sadly there is little time to give to a subject which could otherwise so enrich young lives with better understanding.

Our special music training days are designed to introduce the absolute basics of music to adults.  They provide a hands-on experience that will develop confidence to try out a whole range of musical activities with younger children - from toddlers right through to the end of Key Stage One.  They are fun, informal days (or half-days) but our aim is to send you away brimming with new and exciting ideas and an amazing new-found enthusiasm.  We hope you’ll come away saying “I can’t wait to get started!”