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“Making Music for  Everyone!”

A version of the well-loved classic performed by ‘The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Kitchen’, a mother and son rendition from almost 7 years ago!

And to juxtapose with the former version of You Are My Sunshine, here are the brilliant Jive Aces to make you smile you way through any day!

Andy Warn and his son, Jacob Warn, present the theme tune to Braveheart. Watch out for the recorder playing - can you name the type of recorder?

A fun, interactive game to practice learning the notes on a guitar!

“We’ve included a few links here to videos and  activities that you might enjoy!” The Crotchet Factory fun page!

Note Names

Name that Note!

Guess the instrument!

Guitar note trainer

Beat the clock naming the correct note - practise treble, alto, tenor & bass clefs!

 Recognise that distinct timbre? What is it? Flute? No… Clarinet? No… Oboe? Perhaps…

Try and consolidate your note naming skills with this little game!